Isaac at PAX Melbourne

Over the week of 7-13 October, our fighting game player Isaac “IsaacfromDC” Bishop was over in Melbourne for the Lynx Legends tournament.

Earlier in the year he won flights, accommodation, spending money and more to spend in Australia after winning the first Marvel vs Capcom : Infinite qualifier.
This was an easy feat for Isaac being his main game he plays, and to gain all this from playing a fighting game was both astounding and exciting for Isaac and ENZ.

At PAX the finals for the Lynx Legend tournament unfolded on the Sunday. 8 Players from Oceania were put head to head in multiple games to determine the best overall gamer. The games played were Pro Evolution Soccer, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Halo 5 and Gears of War 5.

Being a fighting game player he was feeling incredibly confident as if you havent played a fighting game at a high level before, you have next to no chance against a veteren let alone the best in New Zealand. This trip was also a week after winning MVCI at the New Zealand Fighting Game Nationals so he had alot of confidence in his ability.

In the end he ended up coming 5th place after all games were complete, not making it to the finals in any game except MVCI. Which he won.

We are extremely proud of how well Isaac represented both Expansion NZ and New Zealand at the tournament and he had a great experience that will stay with him for life.

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